Samstag, 22. Februar 2014

Wunschliste für Notes Plus

Wie an der heutigen Veranstaltung angekündigt, werde ich eine Wunschliste an die Programmierer der App "Notesplus" senden und diese im Laufe der Zeit auch aktualisieren. Sollten euch Dinge auffallen, die nicht funktionieren oder fehlen, so schreibt doch einen Kommentar zu diesem Beitrag und ich werde die Vorschläge sammeln und weiterleiten.

Bisher sind folgende Vorschläge gemacht:

- Button für die Anzeige der Übersicht der Seiten am rechten Seitenrand
- Farbe für Ordner
- fliessender Seitenwechsel
- Synchronität zwischen Lupe und Seitenansicht verbessern
- Bilder croppen
- Notizbuch als Webarchiv über airdrop senden
- Text um 90 Grad gedreht einfügen. (Tastatur & Textfeld gedreht!)
- Videosequenzen einbinden
- Links einfügen bzw. Links aufrufen
- Formeleditor für naturwissenschaftliche Texte
- Lesezeichen zufügen

Edit (Montag,24.2.)
Der Support reagiert erstaunlich schnell, hier die Antworten:
Hi Martin,
Thanks so much for getting in touch with our team. We're super excited to hear you're using Notes Plus at work. Notes Plus is designed for heavy note-takers, we're confident once you could get the most out of its features, it will boost your productivity significantly.
Back to your feature requests, see below for my feedback:
1) If you're finding swipe from right to left to opening page list is difficult, there is a more reliable way to activate page list: use your finger to long press near the right edge of the screen, that will bring up page list with all thumbnails as well.
2) The option to customize folders with different colors is a nice idea. We had a plan to allow customizing notebook covers and custom templates, we'll definitely consider to customize folder color as well.
3) Continuous scrolling is temporarily disabled for iPad Air users due to some weird behaviors happening specifically on this latest iPad Air (occasionally your device will auto-reboot). We're working on getting back this feature for iPad Air in next release. I'll keep you posted.
4) It's a bug that sometimes the written text doesn't show up right away when writing in close-up writing box. You might also see white squares covering up part of the page. We're finding the solution for this and we should get it fixed by no mean.
5) We'll add a button for cropping image right within the main UI. Meanwhile, you can use this tip to crop inserted images: open a notebook containing images on the library navigation, swipe across a notebook in list view mode and tap the dual-panel icon next to the X icon. Then tap Scissors tool at the upper right corner, next specify the area to crop, tap "Capture" to get it pasted to your page. We'll implement a built-in crop feature later to ease the process.
6) Currently Notes Plus allows to send notebooks as PDF files via AirDrop (use "Open in other apps" within Export dialog). However, WebArchive is disabled for this export option. We'll enable this capability.
7) You can rotate textbox so you can fill text in a mixture of landscape and portrait pages. First, just insert a text box in normal direction, then select textbox, place two fingers on selection area, and then turn your hand in the direction you want to rotate the text. I hope this tip helps.
8) Link capability isn't yet available. Let me add this item as an item for future development.
9) Sure, getting formulas for Notes Plus has been requested by many users. We do have plan for this.
10) Notes Plus allows to favorite a notebook (not for pages yet). We'l implement this capability (plus tagging functionality).
11) WebDAV support is a planned item. This is a popular request from users too. I hope these address your questions. If you come up with more requests/questions, please don't hesitate to send them along the way to our team. We're very open into communication with users! Kind regards, -Duy

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  1. Hallo Martin, wie schaut's den mit den farbigen Ordnern aus ?? Hast du nochmal etwas gehört.,wäre sehr sehr sinnvoll !